The ecosystems support the societies that create the economies.  If we spend more than we have, we will end with the ecosystems and, from them, with the sustain of societies and economies.


Is it possible to create new economic structures and business models that, from their inception, think beyond preserving but also regenerating? We think so.


Business models already exist that encode the urgent need to rejuvenate the planet’s ecosystems, societies, and economies. These models and trends clearly show a path to help launch a new economy that cares more about the environment.


We are developing an investigation of the wild and natural habitat of the tobacco plant in different biomes. We think it’s possible to grow organic tobacco in the undergrowth of the Misiones jungle, in the tobacco-growing areas of Córdoba, and in the tobacco-growing area of the NOA. The old intensive cultivation fields are replanted with native plants, achieving pest control and thus restoring the indigenous forest. Likewise, carrying out this project has a strong social and economic impact on indigenous communities.