The ecosystems support the societies that create the economies.  If we spend more than we have, we will end with the ecosystems and, from them, with the sustain of societies and economies.


Can we generate new economic systems and business models that, right from their business conception, think not only in preserving but also in regenerating? We think so.


There are already business models which have in their DNA the urgent need of regenerating the planet (ecosystems – societies – economies). These models are trends that show what could boost a new, more eco-friendly economy.

We are developing a research on the wild and natural habitat of the tobacco plant in different biomes, and we observe the viability of developing an organic tobacco in the undergrowth of the Misiones forest, in the tobacco areas of Córdoba, and in the northwest region of Argentina. This makes possible the reforestation of the intensive farming lands with autochthonous plants, for the achievement of plague control and native forest recovery. Likewise, the accomplishment of this project generates a strong social and economic impact in indigenous communities.


During 2015, we have driven the first trials in different communities of these regions with great acceptance from farming families.