The Fist Approach to the Sacred Tobacco Plant


Our first approach to the sacred tobacco plant took place in June, 2012, when, as rolling tobacco smokers, we couldn’t find in the Argentinean market a local product that would satisfy our requirements, even being Argentina a large producer of excellent tobaccos. Motivated by this questioning, we began to dream about it.


So, during the first months of 2012 we started carrying out additive-free tobacco trials.

Recovering the Sacred Legate


The elderly tell that now is the time for humanity to recover their harmonious relationship with Mother Nature, the Pachamama.


On December 21st, 2012, we presented these consolidated trials at a ceremony held in Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun), in Bolivia. At this gathering we got in touch with the knowledge of the ancestral indigenous communities or pueblos originarios about the uses of the tobacco plant. During the opening ceremony to a new time cycle of the Andean-Amazonian calendar, the first additive-free tobacco trials were given as offerings.


From that point on, Sayri Tabacos started to shape up as a business venture with a mission born from the heart.