At present, the human consumption model is self-destructive and irresponsible, and produces a general disorder, both for the consumer and for the environment. We get sick and end up destroying our precious Nature. As everything is interlinked, we believe that if we change a small consumption habit we can may an impact on the health of the whole system.


Mother Earth provides us with everything we need to live and enjoy this life experience, these are the teachings from the older communities who have learnt to survive without destroying the Nature that gives us shelter.


The caring for the Earth must be reciprocal, otherwise the balance is broken.


Our civilization has not taken care of the natural resources and the destruction of the environment is more and more severe. This excessive and equivocal consumption produces the exhaustion of resources, putting at risk the continuity of life in the planet. Locale groups of conscious consumers are remedying the severe problems caused by careless consumption.  The new networks of producers-consumers generate a mutual care in everybody’s actions, which has an impact in the environment and in the general health of the system. This is the reason why we support these groups and participate actively in them.


In Sayri Tabacos, we advance towards the reciprocal caring with Mother Earth, we investigate and promote a way of living that protects the natural resources for the future generations and, by implication, for the whole ecosystem inhabited by all of us. This is because we believe that in each daily consumption act, we have the power of caring for our home-planet or, conversely, destroying it.


Sayri Tabacos thanks Mother Nature, Pachamama, as taught by the elderly; we thank the spirits of Mountains, Rivers, Plants and Animals for providing us shelter, food and medicine.



We also support and form part of a network of Fair Trade and Local Development: it is important to remember that every finished product that we acquire comes from the Earth. Since it is cultivated by the farmer until it reaches the consumer it can go through a myriad of intermediaries.


The principles that support fair trade practices are:

  • Producers form part of cooperatives or voluntary organizations and operate democratically.
  • Free initiative and work, rejecting subsidies and welfare benefits, as in the fair trade motto: ``Business, not help``.
  • Rejection of child exploitation.
  • Equality between men and women.
  • Decent working conditions and respect for human rights.
  • The price paid to producers allows decent living conditions.
  • Buyers usually pay in advance to prevent producers look for alternative financing means.
  • Quality and sustainable production are valued.
  • Care for the environment.
  • We seek ways to avoid intermediaries between producers and consumers.
  • Consumers are informed about the origin of the product.
  • The process must be voluntary, as well as the relationship between producers, distributors and consumers.