Natural tips for keeping the humidity of your tobacco according to your flavor preferences:

  • NEUTRAL: Potato peels or moistened cotton fabric. (Aprox. size 0.5 x 1 inch).
  • FRUITY: Orange, tangerine, lemon or apple peels. (Aprox. size 0.5 x 1 inch).
  • FLORAL: Rose petals, or other flowers.
  • MINTY: Fresh mint leaves, incayuyo (Lippia integrifolia), peperina (Minthostachys verticillata) or other aromatic plants.

Humectants are not smoked; they are only added to the tobacco bag for a period that should not exceed 24 hours.



Natives normally feel with their hands the tobacco humidity before rolling a cigarette, and observe its quality and consistency. This ancestral practice allows becoming aware of the tobacco quality when rolling a cigarette.


The time devoted to smoking has been a ceremony since ancient days. A pleasure that allows the smoker to connect with the sacred and timeless sides of the life experience.


According to the vision of the indigenous communities each plant has a Spirit, as everything else on Earth, and when using it, the person seeks to establish a connection with its energy.


Sayri is the name of the Spirit of the sacred tobacco plant.


Sayri invites you to rediscover the act of smoking without swallowing the smoke, keeping it a few seconds in the mouth and placing the tongue against the palate. And, in this way, Feel its Spirit.