We’ve made a social commitment to the communities which have been ancestrally treasuring the ceremonial and medicinal uses of the sacred tobacco plant and, therefore, we strive to develop a natural tobacco free from chemical additives.


We’ve made a commitment to the environment in order to establish a healthy relationship between the land and the farmer, generating new values from these bonds.



We are pioneers in Argentina, in the research and implementation of regenerative agriculture to produce tobacco, with a real concern for the social and environmental impact.In 2014, in northwest Argentina, we took our first steps towards growing tobacco without the use of agrochemicals, and managed to harvest tobacco grown for the first time, as a test—without agrochemicals.


Our agro-ecological production model is applied today in Misiones and Salta. We are working on crop diversity, to promote organic production without pesticides throughout the entire crop cycle. We also promote reforestation with native plants to create the necessary biodiversity for pest control.