We’ve made a social commitment to the communities which have been ancestrally treasuring the ceremonial and medicinal uses of the sacred tobacco plant and, therefore, we strive to develop a natural tobacco free from chemical additives.


We’ve made a commitment to the environment in order to establish a healthy relationship between the land and the farmer, generating new values from these bonds.



We are taking our first steps towards tobacco farming without using agrochemical products. In this sense, our first achievements were seen in 2014, in the northwest region of Argentina, when we harvested for the first time tobacco leaves grown -as a trial- without using agrochemical products.


We promote reforestation with native species so as to create the biodiversity required for plague control. For that purpose, we planted 800 native carob trees (Prosopis sp.) with very encouraging results.



Thanks to our ongoing research, we have developed a packaging that is both environmentally and socially conscious. The organic tobacco bags are made of 100% compostable materials (paper and different bioplastics).


Materials are 100% free of phthalates BPA and of other public health risks, which are common in traditional plastics. They do not contain polyethylene or polypropylene. Over 90% of the carbon content is from biologic origin.