LARAMA (means blue in AYMRA). This color in the Wiphala represents the cosmic space, the infinite: the stars and the natural effects that are felt on the earth; astronomy and physics; socioeconomic, political, and cultural organization; the law of gravity of the natural dimensions and phenomena.

Our LARAMA flavor is one of the lower leaf layers of the Virginia type tobacco plant, searching for a more intense flavor than our SAYRI ORIGINAL tobacco.

It is a blend of these types of tobacco grown with regenerative agricultural practices.
· 70% Dark Virginia tobacco
· 10% Creole tobacco
· 10% Rope tobacco
· 10% Burley tobacco


Color: Brown tonalities, dark roast.
Raw aroma: Pastries, quince.
Manifestation in the mouth, taste: Very fresh, slightly floral sweetness.

By fulfilling our commitment, we managed to achieve 100% tobacco from regenerative agriculture, coming from fields with clean soils and healthy producers. We evolve towards the ancestral.

We offer natural tobaccos, without additives and cut into fine strands for greater ease of assembly.

The tobacco plants are dried with intense heat (above 70 degrees) in different establishments for 7 days. In this drying process, the caramelization of the sugars occurs, giving it its blonde, yellow color.

This conditioning of the tobacco is carried out only with water vapor without chlorine. Then we proceed to chop it, “hairdressing” type, taking special care that the tobacco reaches the consumer with a precise humidity of 15%.

By not containing any type of additive, your tobacco can dry out. We invite you to see how to condition it properly and give it the natural flavor of your preference, by clicking here.

By purchasing our products, you are financially supporting small farmers to produce tobacco without the use of agrochemicals.

Presentation: 30g

CONSCIOUS SMOKING Recommendations:

Take a moment to assembleyour cigarrete,
have positive intentions during the process,
try NOT to inhale the smoke into your lungs,
It is recommended to only keep the smoke in your mouth for a few seconds,
since the active principle of the sacred tobacco plant
works from the gland that we have in the upper part of the palate.

The effect to be achieved is:
Be here, now and feel it’s spirit!

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