CH’IYARA (means BLACK in the AYMARA language). It is the color that clearly represents the dark Criollo tobacco, processed using an ancestral technique kept by one of the elderly men.

Our CH’IYARA is produced 100% free of agrochemical products in a small farm located in the northwest region of Argentina, using perennial plants of Criollo tobacco. It has a strong flavor and it is ideal for the conscious smoking act and the different medicinal preparations (fasting, snuff, ambil, etc.).

It is also important to note that, when buying our products, you are helping to support farming without the use of agrochemical products in small farms.

CONSCIOUS SMOKING recommendations:

Take some time for the cigarette rolling,
having a good intention in mind.
Try to avoid getting the smoke into the lungs
and just keep it a few seconds in your mouth,
as the sacred plant active ingredient
acts on the gland located on the upper palate.
The effect to achieve is:
be here, now, and feel its spirit!