Sayri snuff is a powder tobacco preparation (Nicotiana tabacum), made of only leaves or added with other plants or minerals that complement its alchemy.

The tabacco we use to make the snuff is agroecological, without chemical additives, in order to preserve its pure natural flavor. The plants used are also organic, so as to respect the aroma and esence of each specie. Ashes provide the minimal alkalinity needed.

It is consumed through the nassal pasagge, and it is recommended to close the glotis so the tobacco goes through the correct duct without descending to the bronchial tube.
In external application, it is a good healing agent.

Snuff lets you feel and savor all the tobacco properties; a flavor explosion that is subtle and intense, brief and memorable.

The different flavors offered by Sayri are:

  • Jank’u: Tobacco 60% – Peperina (Minthostachys verticillata) 15% – Incayuyo (Lippia integrifolia) 15% – Chañar (Geoffroea decorticans) ashes 10%.
  • Larama: Tobacco 90% – Peperina (Minthostachys verticillata) 3% – Incayuyo (Lippia integrifolia) 3% – Chañar (Geoffroea decorticans) ashes 4%.
  • K’illu: Tobacco 80% – Peperina (Minthostachys verticillata) 10% – Incayuyo (Lippia integrifolia) 10%.
  • Ch’iyara: Tobacco 100%.