K’ILLU means YELLOW in the AYMARA language. In the Wiphala, the flag of the Andean-Amazonian communities, this color represents energy and strength (ch’ama-pacha); it is the expression of the moral principles of the Andean people; it is the doctrine of the pacha-kama and the pacha-mama: the duality (chacha-warmi); it represents the laws and the rules, and the collective practice of brotherhood and human solidarity.

Our ORIGINAL flavor is a blend of three foliar levels of the Virginia tobacco plant. With this tobacco, we achieve a balance that fulfills the pleasure sought in each cigarette.

These tobacco plants are traditionally farmed in the northwest region of Argentina, where they are stockpiled in different locations. At our site we carry out the conditioning of the tobacco using solely chlorine-free water steam, and after that we proceed to the “peluquilla” type grinding, making all the necessary efforts for the tobacco to reach the consumer with 15% humidity.

As our tobacco does not contain any additives, it is important that the consumer follows the instructions inside the package in order to preserve it properly and provide it with the preferred natural flavor.

When buying our products, you are helping to support farming without the use of agrochemical products in small farms.

CONSCIOUS SMOKING recommendations:

Take some time for the cigarette rolling,
having a good intention in mind.
Try to avoid getting the smoke into the lungs
and just keep it a few seconds in your mouth,
as the sacred plant active ingredient
acts on the gland located on the upper palate.
The effect to achieve is:
be here, now, and feel its spirit!